Witch's Cookbook 50 Witchcraft Inspired Recipes

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Make every meal magical with The Witch’s Cookbook, your very own recipe grimoire!

Chefs and bakers may seem to wield magic in the way they can whip up the most amazing dishes and desserts. But they are nothing compared to the original brewmasters—witches! Featuring over 50 wickedly delicious recipes, The Witch’s Cookbook is your short-and-sweet go-to for quick-and-easy meals with a mystical flair. Each recipe is witchcraft themed and can be made with traditional ingredients, plus a little bit of spellwork and magic, of course.

Get your cauldron bubbling with recipes like:

Toadstool Toppers
Midnight Berry Pavlovas
The Evening Elixir
Thrice Boiled Eggs
And more!