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The Rocket Gifts & Candy

Our Showrooms are now open!!
We still offer Curbside Pickup.


The Rocket Locations 

The Rocket Gifts & Candy Ferndale
200 W. 9 Mile
Ferndale, Michigan 48220  Ph: 248-556-5084



Phone: 1-(248) 556-5084
Contact: Eli Morrissey (Owner)
Email: eli.g.morrissey@gmail.com

The Rocket Gift & Candy Ypsilanti
122 West Michigan Ave
Ypsilanti, MI 48197            

Ph: 734-483-2291


Phone: 1-(734) 483-2291

Contact: Eli Morrissey (Company Operations)   

Ferndale Store Manger/Marketing Executive  Daniel Loines  248-556-5084

Senior Buyer  Paul Balcom   734-483-2291

Logistics & Stock Operations Mathilda Kotoyori 734-483-2291

Email: eli.g.morrissey@gmail.com

Customer Return Policy/Shipment Policy 

Requests for returns must be made within 10 days of receiving shipment by emailing emorriss019@gmail.com or calling 734-483-2291 to request a return. We will not return merchandise after the 10 day period. No exceptions!

Most customers will receive shipments within 2-10 Business Days. Orders will be processed within 24 hours unless there are inventory delays. We are not responsible for delayed shipments as a result of a carrier. All returns authorized due to carrier delays will refunded for the amount of the product minus the amount it costs to ship the product back to us. We do not refund shipment fees. 

Customers that receive free shipping as a promotion will also be charged for all shipping fees if they decide to return an item. 

This Return policy only pertains to shoptherocket.com and not to the brick and mortar stores. No exceptions!


Donation Request Guidelines

-The Rocket does not allow solicitation in our showrooms. 
-The Rocket does not donate merchandise for raffles or auctions.
-We do not donate to non-public schools, this includes private pre-school and Montessori Schools.
-The Organization Must Exist within 2 miles of our Ypsilanti & Ferndale Stores.
-At Least one representative from the organization must have a proven track record of being a customer of The Rocket.
-Evidence of the organization proceeds going to help disadvantaged children and adults in low socioeconomic conditions will take precedence.

Rocket Shop For A Cause Program

-A Non-Profit Organization May request a shop day at The Rocket in which 20% of the proceeds will be donated to the approved organization.
-Organization can choose 1 Day Monday-Thursday.
-The Month of December & Other Days Surrounding Major Holidays Will Not Be Included.

Phone: 734-483-2291
Contact: Eli Morrissey (Co-Owner)
Email: emorriss019@gmail.com