Little Book Of Buddhism

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This pocket-sized introduction provides an accessible and engaging overview of Buddhism, including its origins, worldview and key figures.

Who was the Buddha? What’s the difference between enlightenment and awakening? Do Buddhists believe in God? Discover all this and more with this beginner’s guide to one of the world’s oldest and most widely practiced philosophies.

This book is the perfect guide for anyone with an interest in the subject, wanting to brush up their knowledge, or looking to apply Buddhist practices to their daily life.

This beginner’s guide will help you understand:
Who Gautama Buddha was, and how Buddhism developed into the fourth-biggest religion in the world.
The difference between the two major branches of Buddhism: Theravada and Mahayana
The most important Buddhists beliefs and practices, from the Four Noble Truths and the cycle of rebirth (Samsara) to mindfulness and meditation.
The prevalence of Buddhism around the world today, and how its teachings can apply to modern-day life.