Wiccan Teas & Brews Recipe Book

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Enter the enchanting world of teas, potions, and magical drinks in this fully illustrated essential treasury of witchy wisdom and wellness to create your own mug of magic.

Tea has amazing magical and healing properties, making it an essential in every witch’s life. With brews to empower and functional benefits to improve wellbeing, the beautifully illustrated and practical Wiccan Teas & Brews is a treasury of witchy wisdom and wellness. Join bestselling author Cerridwen Greenleaf and her years of spell craft and experience to discover your own mug of magic. You will learn how to brew up teas, digestives, tisanes, tonics, tinctures, and many other enchanting concoctions that can be created right at home. Nurture through nature with nourishing recipes, essences, and infusions. Create celebratory brews for the sabbats and everyday rituals. And finding magical spells in a cup for love, luck, and beyond will be a constant source of delight. For comfort, inspiration, remedy, and divine magic, it’s time to reach for the cauldron and the kettle!