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The Contemporary Witch Book

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Let Ambrosia Hawthorn, author of the best-selling book The Spell Book for New Witches, and Sarah Justice expertly guide you as you advance in your magic journey.

Are you no longer a baby witch? Do you already know the basics and wish to take your witchcraft to the next level? The Contemporary Witch helps you determine what path you’d like to specialize in and walks you through the next stage of your craft.

This comprehensive book provides a brief primer for basic witchcraft to help those who are new witches, followed by an introduction to the many different types of witchcraft, where they overlap, and a quiz to help you decide which type fits you best! Explore 12 popular specialized types of witchcraft, complete with history, tools needed, and DIY spells to start you on your magic path and then bring you to the intermediate level.

QUICK REFERENCE CHARTS: Includes expansive reference charts listing common crystals, herbs, oils, and other tools to help build your own witch’s toolkit.

12 WITCHCRAFT TYPES: Explore the history and background of 12 different types of witchcraft, including traditional, ceremonial, kitchen, cottage, hedge, green, cosmic, shadow, crystal, and wellness.

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