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Warriors, Witches, Women is a guide to awe-inspiring mythic female creatures worldwide; from feminist fairies to bloodsucking, seductive succubae, half-human half-bird harpies created from the wind, or protective and seductive voodoo goddesses who still impact on African-American cultural feminism. 50 entries profile global examples of fierce females from mythology and folklore, retelling these wonderful stories by placing women firmly at the centre of the narrative. With a sharp, modern gaze, these stories are brought to life afresh, questioning the negative connotations so often associated with feminine power. The mythological characters in this collection were powerful and radical, forces of nature and deciders of fate. With evocative artwork and modern retelling of these magical stories, this collection brings a fresh new perspective to classic mythology - one that celebrates the female characters as strong, powerful individuals worthy of their own space and stories. The stories are incredible: colourful, evocative, and fascinating. They will fire the imagination, entertain and provoke debate.