True Balance Wooden Disc Toy

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True Balance from Excite is the unpredictable game of balance and coordination for one player at a time. With the look and feel of a classic toy, it features a wooden handle with eight discs loaded with magnets. Each disc rotates on a single axis. The object of the game is to try to align all the discs perfectly on top of one another. To start, grab the handle and let all the discs fall to one side. Then move your wrist to try to align the discs. There are no set instructions on how to win but that's all part of the fun. It encourages experimentation, logical thinking, and trial and error. Developed in cooperation with occupational and physiotherapists, it was designed to improve focus, and fine motor skills - similar to the extremely popular fidget spinner. It also may help relieve stress, and is a fun way to work on hand eye coordination. Plus it has a STEM component, as it utilizes magnets, and engineering.