Spill The Beans Game

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A laugh-out-loud game for all the family, put all your describing and guessing skills to the test with Spill the Beans!

Designed for 4 or more players, Spill the Beans is a fun team guessing game where players must try to explain the secret word at the top of the card without using any of the give-away key words. For example, can you describe a car without referring to travel or transport? Spill the Beans encourages fast, creative thinking, and even faster talking! Other players will shout out answers in the hope of guessing what the secret word might be.

A fun party game with friends or at family occasions, Spill the Beans is a great way to get everyone playing together. Fast-paced and full of beans, the game includes 100 x question cards each with a unique word to describe, plus five allocated forbidden words related to each one.

Spill the Beans comes in sweetshop jar style packaging with each question card made to look like a portion of jellybeans, so all you need to do is Spill the Beans and start guessing!