Shot Ball Game

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The perfect challenge for your next party, see how many shots you have to do by playing the super-fun game Shot Put. This A3 sized cardboard throwing game includes the targets and two ping pong balls. You construct the targets which take on the appearance of a shot put field at the Olympic Games. Contestants have to throw the ping pong ball at the targets, each of which has a number of shots attached to it. Whichever hole you throw the ball through dictates the number of shots you have to do! ?This is great game for big groups of friends and offers you the chance to make your next party even more fun! The Party and Drinking range from Paladone is filled with cracking, light hearted products that are designed to make your next drink that bit more fun! This bright, varied range of products includes items that are perfect for use at parties and music festivals. The game Shot Put is a part of the Party and Drinking range from Paladone.