2021 Wanderlust Wall

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Our selection of 12" x 12" decorative wall calendars showcases modern illustrations and artistic designs and covers a wide range of popular topics. Each calendar covers 12 months (2021), plus four bonus months (September to December 2020), and is printed on FSC-certified paper with soy-based inks. These delightful, on-trend calendars serve as both wall décor and date reference.

12"w x 12"h
12 months (January to December 2021)
Full color throughout
Wanderlust celebrates the untamed and insatiable spirit of travelers, explorers, and ramblers alike. Dreamy photographs capture moments both meditative and thrumming with the promise of adventure, such as fog settling over a pink camper in a serene field and a surfboard primed to conquer the ocean. Each month’s photo features a word and definition that perfectly capture the traveler’s soul. No matter the time of year, you’ll be inspired to pack your passport and head to parts unknown.