Galaxy Kinetic

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Simply spin the wheel and become mesmerized by this perpetual motion desktop toy! Ponder the motion of the planets, learn a bit about physics, or simply enjoy its calming rotation. The Galaxy Kinetic Planetary Orb desktop toy is fun for kids, but it also makes a great desktop decoration for the home or office. The metallic balls on the rings rock back and forth while spinning, creating the perfect “space out” distraction to relax between your duties at work or schoolwork at home. After all, Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity states that gravity associated with any mass curves the very space and time around it. As one of our employees her at Zero Toys said recently, “That explains why I end up in the break room for 30 minutes every time I get up to snag copies from the printer.”

Detailed instructions included
Requires 9 volt battery (not included)
9-1/2" inches tall with solid black base
Dims: 9.25" x 8.75" x 4.375" inches
Ages 7+
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