Boom Box Cooler Bag

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This boom box can get the party going

A good boom box and a mixtape used to be all it took to get the party rockin’. We might stream music these days but you can still be the center of the room with our Boom Box Beverage Cooler. It’s EVA lined to keep up to 12 tasty drinks refreshingly cold—great for any get together or party that might wake the neighbors. The zip up top and stitching ooze quality (and won’t eat up your brand new cassette), so it will survive that rager with ease. The “wide mouth” zippered opening makes it easy to pack and unpack. In fact, our entire zippered Beverage Cooler Collection brings the fun wherever you go.

  • it’s an awesome boom box beverage cooler
  • EVA insulated to keep drinks cold—just add ice packs!
  • wide opening for easy packing/unpacking
  • load it with up to 12 standard cans or bottles