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Bacon Air Freshener Bigfoot Air Freshener Cone Kitty Air Freshener Sugar Skull Air Freshener
Bacon Air Freshener
Our Price: $2.99
Bigfoot Air Freshener
Our Price: $4.99
Just say no to pine trees! Our selection of Air Fresheners features fun images and enticing aromas! Each one measures about 4 (10.2 cm) and comes with a string for hanging. Bring the fresh scent of the Pacific Northwest pines into your car with your buddy Bigfoot! Clear the air but keep the cat! Cone Kitty Air Freshener has an invigorating scent to keep your car smelling pet free! A double sided high fashion air freshener just for your car! Sugar skull designs in white on one side and black on back with a delightful vanilla scent! Step up your ride's game with this hanging from your rearview mirror!
Illuminati Air Freshener Dashboard Hula Girl Dashboard Jesus Dashboard Monster
Dashboard Hula Girl
Our Price: $8.99
Dashboard Jesus
Our Price: $8.99
Dashboard Monster
Our Price: $8.99
If the illuminati controls the world what's wrong with letting them control the scent of your car? This lovely air freshener is 3 inches tall and double-sided. Smells like musky hegemony. Dream of that vacation you'll maybe one day be able to go on with the dashboard hula girl! May The Jesus Dashboard Wobbler Bring You Luck! The wobbliest dashboard buddy around! This crazy looking monster has a total of seven different springs to wiggle and bounce on your daily commute!
Shakespeare Dashboard Genius Beethoven Dashboard Genius Magetic Mustache Nodding Pug
Magetic Mustache
Our Price: $11.99
Nodding Pug
Our Price: $14.99
Class up your car with the world's greatest literary mind, William Shakespeare! As he bobbles along your drive, you'll find yourself learning to tune out all the crude language of the road and interpret it into a more Shakespearean way! The perfect way to fool others that you're a classy individual! While blasting whatever music your heart desires on your commute Beethoven Dashboard buddy will make others assume you must be listening to classical compositions! Don't worry, we're sure Beethoven likes your rap music too. This 26-1/2 in (67.3 cm) wide magnetic 'stache is perfect for dressing up your car, fridge or tool shed! Bagged with illustrated header. Brighten up every car journey with a super sweet pug. This Nodding Pug brings a touch of cuteness to your commute and will be nodding along to all your jokes and favorite songs. Use the included easy peel sticker on the base to secure it in place. Suitable for mounting on car dashboard.