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Edgar Allen Poe Tattoos
Our Price: $7.99
The best way to add a witty insult to a dim witted injury! 15 sterile strips each with unmatched wit from the great Shakespeare these bandages are perfect for all those paper-cuts you get from reading all his books and plays! Deck yourself out with these awesomely dark tattoos inspired by the work of literary great Edgar Allen Poe!  Contains 33 tattoos to express your inner darkness. Class up your car with the world's greatest literary mind, William Shakespeare! As he bobbles along your drive, you'll find yourself learning to tune out all the crude language of the road and interpret it into a more Shakespearean way! Take the coloring adventure into the past with this Jane Austen inspired coloring book! Featuring her works such as Pride and Prejudice, and Sense and Sensibility, this coloring book offers a serene and delightful time to occupy your relaxing hours.
Jane Austen Mug
Our Price: $13.99
Edgar Allen Poe Mug
Our Price: $13.99
Jane Austen Action Figure
Our Price: $13.99
Dress-Up Shakespeare Says
Our Price: $15.99
The mug that appeals to those with both sense and sensibility. Jane Austen Mug contains many of the famous quotes from her work.
The perfect mug for the darkest of coffee blends. Enjoy your morning with some of the writings of the great Edgar Allen Poe. Pride Prejudice and Action! Jane Austen Action Figure brings some sense to all those other figures with her writings! Equipped with a quill and a copy of her famous novel Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen will keep other figures in line! Add some Shakespearean style to your home or work space with the stand up Shakespeare himself! Includes many reusable quotes and 21 reusable stickers to add some modern flair and flash to Shakespeare's outfit!