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Optional Fucks Calendar Bad Cat 2018 Mini Calendar Unlikely Friends 2018 Calendar
Optional Fucks Calendar
Our Price: $5.99
With this desk calendar you can choose your mood with a Fuck off attitude. The package may be small, but the punch is potent. And it’s really, really bad. Bad Cat Mini Calendar gives an extra shot of deviousness to any cubicle, locker, or fridge. Here are cats coveting martinis, cats deputizing rag dolls, cats faking multiple-personality disorder for personal gain, and cats unspooling entire rolls of paper towels in unbroken ribbons. Plus spooky cats, secretive cats, pouting cats, and more. All in a handy 7" x 7" format that's perfect for any locker, cubicle, or fridge.

A hippo and a tortoise. A pup and a meerkat. A bear and a wolf. From finned to four-footed, from primates to piglets, the Unlikely Friendships Mini Calendar features a year of heartwarming bonds between species—fittingly, in an equally cute format. With 12 full-color photos and accompanying stories about the featured friends, it’s a testament to the power of love and camaraderie in the animal kingdom. Stick the perfectly sized mini calendar (7" x 7 ") in your locker or cubicle for an instant day-brightener.

Sloths 2018 Mini Calendar Pocket Pigs 2018 Mini Calendar Namaste Bitches 2018 Calendar
Sloth lovers rejoice: The sweet, snuggly guys are even cuter when featured in a tiny calendar! See sloths languidly considering their next move, savoring a delicious snack of flower petals, or enjoying a gentle swing from a tree. This year of silly sloth faces is all set to brighten someone’s day. They’re irresistible! All in a fits-anywhere 7" x 7" format, just right for cubicles, locker, bulletin boards, or the fridge door.

Don’t let their size and innocent expressions fool you—these little piggies bring in big smiles. The teacup pigs of Pennywell Farm in Devon, England, are always ready to pose for the camera, and they are the perfect diminutive subjects for this diminutive calendar. A sweet black-and-white mottled pig snuggling with a lamb. A spotted pig surrounded by peonies bigger than his head. And a holiday mise-en-scène: a pig in a Santa hat in front of a Christmas tree. Perfectly sized for a locker, fridge, or cubicle, Pocket Pigs Mini Calendar adds yearlong cuteness to any small space.

Every month, a cheeky saying and illustration that pairs the om of yoga practice with the “I can’t even” of real life. Don’t feel like exercising? Namast’ay in bed. Need to flush out toxins? Sweat your asana off. It’s a year of self-care, with flair—with a bonus sheet of 7 temporary henna-style tattoos. A witty gift for a friend, sister, or favorite yoga teacher.
Atlas Obscura 2018 Calendar Sloths 2018 Wall Calendar Strong Is Pretty 2018 Calendar
Sloths 2018 Wall Calendar
Our Price: $14.99
At the intersection of compelling content and evocative illustration lies the Atlas Obscura wall calendar: it’s a year of wonder and wanderlust.

Do any creatures in the animal kingdom chill out as well as sloths? We humans could learn a thing or two from them. Whether they’re munching hibiscus (a favorite snack), hanging out in trees, or wrapping up a pal in a big sloth hug, these amazing animals in Sloths Calendar, photographed enjoying their daily activities, are truly captivating. Charming captions offer a peek into their leisurely lives and happy, easygoing sloth attitudes. So when you’re feeling overwhelmed by your to-do list, let these sweet, sleepy mammals remind you to take a moment to slow down and smell the flowers.

Fearless, wild, confident, kind, independent—a photographic celebration of girls ages 5 to 18 being their authentic selves. Photographer Kate T. Parker captures girls in all their creative, fierce, loud, silly glory. Adapted from the book of the same name, Strong Is the New Pretty Calendar is a perfect present for daughters, nieces, sisters, coaches, mentors, teachers, and friends—what’s better than enriching young minds with the gift of confidence? Each month features a girl who embodies the beauty in being resilient, brave, and hardworking—from dancers to fencers, from musicians to gardeners, from student body presidents to soccer players. Each masterfully shot photo (in both color and black and white) is paired with an inspiring quote from the subjects themselves. Like Tayla, age 6, a backyard adventurer: “Yeah, I am a little muddy. So, what?” And Carlie, age 12, a football player: “If you’re strong on the inside, it means nobody can break you down.”