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Plastic Bubbles
Our Price: $3.99
Makedo Cup Critters
Our Price: $3.99
Our Price: $4.99
Sidewalk Chalk
Our Price: $5.99
Create awesome bubbles made of plastic! Create mini sculptures or whatever comes to mind! Add some fun to your to-go cup with the Makedo Cup Critter kits!  Each kit comes with two designs. Help make outdoor chalk time even more fun and clean with Chalkies! With a base to keep your hands clean from chalk make clean up time a snap! Be ready for some outdoor art with 20 sticks of assorted jumbo sidewalk chalk!
Ink-A-Do Tattoos
Our Price: $5.99
Glow Mask
Our Price: $6.99
Doodle Jar
Our Price: $6.99
Draw and create your very own sparkly tattoos with Ink-a-do! Comes with 6 gel pens and 3 stencils to get you started! Once youre done just wash and repeat! Enjoy creating the perfect mask of your own design! Kit includes one mask and six mini tubs of glow in the dark paint! Perfect for sitting on the desk or in your backpack or purse! The Doodle Jar is just a small glass jar with a cork holding 12 mini colored pencils! Keep coloring fun and exciting! With the color your own washi tape, feel free to design your very own personalized tape. Great for gift wrapping and other art projects.
Business Card Origami
Our Price: $7.95
Butterfly Coloring Kite
Our Price: $9.99
Body Doodlers
Our Price: $9.99
T-Shirt Graffiti Pens
Our Price: $10.99
Take that clutter of business cards in your collection and turn it into some oriental art! This book features tons of fun instructions on how to make art with any business card, relax and enjoy! Take your arts and craft side to the skies with this kite! A 23" wingspan kite comes with a blank slate for you to color or paint on your own masterpiece! Crayons and kite string and sky tails included. Recommended in winds 6 to 20 mph. A fun safe way to do some easy body and face art! Set of 6 washable body and face crayons allows kids to get creative without creating a horrible mess! Create and design your own artwork right onto a shirt! This set comes with 8 high quality permanent fabric markers, that can either air dry or you can use an iron to lock in the color! After the color locks, then it is okay to wash and dry your desgin!