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Weed Pocket Box Medical Marijuana Pocket Box Savin Up For Some Good Weed Tin Bank Guinea Piggy Bank
Weed Pocket Box
Our Price: $6.99
Guinea Piggy Bank
Our Price: $17.99
Guaranteed good shit. Construction is an exact replica of a 1920's cigarette case. Features Chinese label, packaging, and advertising art that's been "re-contextualized" (to say the least). 0.75"h x 4.25"w x 3"d Ok, we have the Medical Marijuana Cigar Box, and we thought THAT was perfect. But behold this GENIUS sized item! Fits right in your pocket! In your friends pocket! So handy, you might even forget it's in your hand! But don't. It might be awkward when meeting your kids preschool teacher at parent/teacher conferences. 0.75"h x 4.25"w x 3"d. Buy one or two for yourself, or your pothead friends that still live in their parents basement. 3.5 x 4.5. Everyone loves Guinea Pigs, and everyone loves keeping money in piggy banks, so why not have both?? This adorable little guy makes a great little bank, and even comes in his own traveling cage with some bedding!